Cuba Museums

There are over 300 different museums in Cuba, many of which are situated in restored historic buildings.

Content of Cuba museums ranges from art, history, military and natural history.

None of the Cuba museums are private. Most of them are under the Cuban National Council of Cultural Heritage.

Havana and Beyond

The below listed Cuba museums are in Havana unless stated otherwise.

Finca Vigía
Overlooking Havana, this was the home of Nobel Prize winner, Ernest Hemingway. His beloved collection of about 9000 books can be seen as can his fishing boat which has been restored.

Museo del Ron

Casa Velázquez, Museo de Ambiente Histórico Cubano, Santiago de Cuba
The oldest house in the country was home to Diego Velázquez. The property has been restored and has colonial furnishings.

Fundacion Havana Club (Museo del Ron)
Believed to be the most visited museum in Havana, the museum is a reconstruction of the production stages of rum from the plantations to the bottle, located in a Colonial building built in the 1770's.

Museo de Arqueología Guamuhaya, Trinidad
In a building from the 18th century, on the site where Hernan Cortes was believed to have lived is the Archaeology Museum with Cuban pieces which date back to 3500BC.

Museo de bellas artes (MNBA)
The largest and most important art museum in Cuba and considered one of the best in Latin America with works from the 18th century to the modern day.

Museo de la Ciudad
The museum is located in the striking Palace of the Captains General and contains art and artefacts from the colonial era. The art work is complimented by the striking edifice with its courtyards and patios.

Museo del Cigarro

Museo del Cigarro
Unique in Cuba and known as both the Tobacco Museum and the Cigar Museum, the museum pays homage to the tobacco culture.

Museo El Chorro de Maíta, Guardalavaca
A small sized museum on the site of a Taíno burial gound which is the biggest Amerindian cemetary that has been discovered in Cuba. There are well preserved remains of the natives and archaeological objects found at the site are on display.

Museo Histórico Naval, Cienfuegos
The only museum in Cuba which concentrates on the Cuban Navy. It documents the struggles and historical upraising of the Navy throughout the history of the country.