Must Do Visits and Activities in Latin America

Latin America

Everyone has their own must do list of places to visit and things to see in Latin America.

When you are deciding on your must do list, it is not easy to choose which locations or activities are your must do ones, because of the variety and the geographical distances between locations.

Before planning any trip to Latin America, organizing your must do list is a priority. If you are limited for time, then you will need to limit yourself geographically.

Latin America

Nature & Heritage

The eastern side of the Andes mountain range is the most biodiverse area on the planet. Other areas are the northern half of South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. For nature lovers, Costa Rica is usually top of the must do list of countries to visit in Latin America.

However, if your must do list includes visiting Aztec pyramids or world heritage sites and seeing Latin Americawhere many thousands of human lives were sacrificed in the name of the Aztec religion, then your must do list will need to incorporate Mexico.

Outdoor Enthusiasm

If you are a sports fan and enjoy extreme water sports, then Latin America is the place for you. Every water activity is available from swimming with sharks and whales to kitesurfing and paragliding.

Latin America

An extreme sport which was practised by the Aztecs as a ritual to end droughts is known nowadays as Bungee jumping and if you want to try out everything, Peru is the country which extreme sports enthusiasts have at the top of their must do list.