Time Zones Across Latin America

Latin America covers a vast area and although some countries may seem similar, they are in fact unique, so take care to ensure that you are prepared for your visit.

Time zone
There are a number of Latin America time zones due to the vast expanse of area covered and that some countries have daylight saving time, going ahead one hour in the summer.

Latin American time zones are as follows:

  • Argentina GMT-3. No daylight saving
  • Bolivia GMT-4. No daylight saving
  • Chile GMT-4. Daylight saving observed
  • Costa Rica GMT-6. No daylight saving
  • Cuba GMT-5. Daylight saving observed
  • Dominican Republic GMT-4. No daylight saving
  • Ecuador GMT-5 (Galapagos Islands GMT-6). No daylight saving
  • Guatemala GMT-6. No daylight saving
  • Mexico GMT-6, GMT-7, GMT-8. Daylight saving observed, except in Sonora
  • Peru GMT-5. No daylight saving

Jetlag To avoid jetleg, try to adapt to your new environment as soon as you arrive, by going to sleep if it is late or staying awake until the sun sets and then going to sleep.

Eat at the times of day according to the appropriate time in your new time zone and if it is daylight, being outside will help your brain adjust more quickly.

By drinking water and hydrating during your flight, you will suffer less from jet lag upon arrival at your destination.