Electrical Plugs and Plug Adapters in Latin America

Latin America electricity

In Latin America, electricity, voltages for electrical appliances and the electrical plugs sockets are different.

They are in most cases different to your home country and within Latin America different countries use different pin sockets.

So, if you are planning a journey to Latin America and incorporating many countries into your itinerary, you need to be prepared in advance or to travel without your electric toothbrush.

Latin America electricity, voltage and plug sockets are as follows:

  • Argentina 220V, 50Hz, C and I sockets
  • Bolivia 230V, 50Hz, A and C sockets
  • Chile 220V, 50Hz, C and L sockets
  • Costa Rica 120V, 60Hz, A and B sockets
  • Cuba 110V and 220V, 60Hz, A, B, C and L sockets
  • Dominican Republic 120V, 60Hz, A and B sockets
  • Ecuador 110V, 60Hz, A and B sockets
  • Guatemala 120V, 60Hz, A, B, G and I sockets
  • Mexico 127V, 60Hz, A socket
  • Peru 220V, 60Hz, A, B and C sockets
A type A plug socket is typically also used in the USA and Japan. Type A plugs can also be used in type B electrical plug sockets.
A type C plug socket is the two hole standard throughout the majority of Europe which also fits in a type L electrical socket.
Type G is the typical UK electrical plug socket.
Finally, type I is the Australasian standard 3 flat pins and the type L socket has three round pins, as in Italy.

Most plug adapters can be purchased at travel shops, department stores and at airports.