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If you're looking for an established, highly respected Spanish school in Latin America then Enforex is the place for you. Founded in 1989, our organization encompasses 24 destinations across both Spain and Latin America. We welcome more than 20,000 students from 52 different countries every year!

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To learn Spanish before you set off on your travels, will set you up in great stead.

Spanish is the main language spoken throughout Latin America and although you will find that English is spoken in tourist areas, if you decide to head off the beaten track, spoken Spanish will be useful.

Nowadays there are Spanish schools available across the world and online across the internet where you can learn Spanish.

If you want to learn Spanish fast, a month on an intensive Spanish course is the best thing you can do. If you decide to learn Spanish in Latin America or study Spanish in Spain, you will be able to practise Spanish each and every day, seeing your improvement every day and your confidence in understanding different voices and accents.

Absorb The Language

If you learn Spanish from a book or from a Spanish internet course your progress will be much slower and you may find that you pick up bad habits to pronounce words wrongly. Most computer Spanish courses don't allow you the opportunity to participate in a conversation, just to learn Spanish expressions. Spanish books and Spanish internet courses are great to back up Spanish lessons with a native teacher, but immersion in Spanish is the best way to learn Spanish if you want to be able to interact with native Spanish speaking people.

To learn Spanish in Latin America provides a great way to acclimatize to your new location, climate and gastronomy, make new friends and build your confidence to understand local expressions and accents.

After you learn Spanish you can make your own travel reservations and when you can read Spanish you know exactly what food you are ordering at dinner time and can read the local newspaper as you take the bus. If you understand Spanish you can react quickly in an emergency, object when some locals try to charge you higher prices for goods and services for being a foreigner and understand the full museum display description instead of the making do with the single paragraph in your English guide book.

There are many reasons to learn Spanish, but if you're going to learn Spanish, learn the Spanish language properly from a native Spanish speaker.