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A great thing about Latin America is that it gives you the opportunity to learn Spanish in many different cultures and countries, as most of them share a language, and yet each country's lexicon is diverse, and different from another.

So how do we understand each other? The same way that people from the U.S. and the
U.K. can perfectly comprehend one another despite the differences; this linguistic variety is what makes Spanish such a rich language.

Why learn Spanish?

For the same reason we explained above. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, with over five hundred millions of speakers of whom 400 hundred million are native speakers, and the numbers increase each year, which presents great business and job opportunities.

Chile School

Any person who speaks more than one language is more highly valued than a person who speaks only their native tongue. It's also great for traveling, English may be the universal language, yet once you know Spanish you can mingle with the locals of 22 countries!

Not only that, it will also give you a better understanding of English (as many English words have Latin roots) and will make French, Italian and Portuguese much more comprehensible for you, as they are all Romance languages. Do you need more reasons?

Learning Spanish in Latin America

The most efficient way of learning a language is in its place of origin. Not only do you go to class, but you are immersed in the culture and you are in contact with the language all the time: watching TV, reading the paper, going to the grocery store and even in a bus, making the process of learning Spanish in Latinamerica much faster than you would do at home.

It also provides a perfect opportunity of getting to know a new culture, it broadens horizons and gives you a new perspective and tolerance. Meet new people, taste their food, understand their humor and have a unique experience.

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Mexico is a country known for the beauty of its landscapes, its paradise like beaches, cultural diversity, delicious gastronomy and vibrant nightlife. In every city you will find fascinating colonial architecture, dozens of museums and exhibitions, plenty of live music and shows.

When you decide to learn Spanish in Mexico you will be transported to a place you didn't know existed, a place where reality and magic are perfectly harmonious, where hundreds year old cathedrals are next to avant-garde buildings. Mexicans are welcoming and warm and will always be willing to give you a hand whenever you need it, making it the perfect place to spend some time living experiences you will never forget.

Chile Spanish Schools

Chile School

Chile is known as the safest haven in Latin America. Its stable and growing economy make it the business center of the continent. But if you visit Chile you will know it has much more to offer. The Pacific bathes the whole coast of the country and less than two hours away you can be in a Skiing resort in Los Andes Cordillera.

Santiago, the capital city, offers a peaceful life for those that seek calm and quiet and at the same times an ample range of nightlife, a rich and varied gastronomy and plenty of cultural activities. And if nature is your thing, there are many natural reserves at hand and several day trips or weekend trips only a few hours ride away. For this, and many other reasons, Chile Spanish schools are perfect for learning Spanish and immersing in its rich culture.

Learn Spanish in Spain

But Latin America is not the only choice. You can also learn Spanish in Spain, the cradle of the language. Spanish -Castilian really- exists as such since 1492 when Antonio Nebrija wrote his Grámatica de la Lengua Castellana (grammar of the Castilian language), which gave the language a set of rules where there are few exceptions.

When you visit Spain you will become aware that the country's history dates back to over 2000 years. In the present there are thousands of places to visit and activities to do, whether you like sightseeing, touring museums, outdoor sports, tasting the local gastronomy or bar hopping.

Whichever is your preferred destination, we wish you great success in learning Spanish. ¬°Buena suerte!