Bolivia Museums

La Paz is the best location for visiting Bolivia museums due to the number of them in the city.

Although there are museums in other locations, it is the capital city which has the best and broadest selection.

The people of Bolivia are proud of both their culture and heritage and so Bolivia museums are very often a reflection of this.

Best of Bolivia

Here are some of Bolivia's museums which you may choose to visit.

Casa de la moneda

Casa de la Moneda, Potosí
The Money Museum primarily exhibits coins, but also medals, paintings, sculpture, weapons, fossils, furtniture and silver objects. There is also an exhibition of native fabrics.

Casa Nuñez del Prado, La Paz
The home of Marina Nuñez del Prado, a famous Bolivian sculptor who used white onyx, black granite and native woods for her work.

Museo de Instrumentos Musicales de Bolivia, La Paz
An impression collection of musical intstruments including precolumbian Bolivian and world instruments.

Museo de la Coca

Museo de la Coca, La Paz
The chewing of coca leaves in Andean countries such as Bolivia and Peru has been practised for centuries. The museum tracks the plant's history and use from precolumbian times to the modern day.

Museo Nacional de Arte, La Paz
The 18th century palace, Palacio de los Condes de Arana, provides the setting for the National Art Museum with its exhibitions of precolumbian, Bolivian colonial and contemporary art as well as sculpture. The palace is built in aroque style overlooking a picturesque patio area.