Peru Sports

Sports Football

When asked to choose their favourite sports Peru boys will put football at the top of their list of favourite games and sports. Peru girls are more likely to list volleyball.

In the 1988 olympics, the Peru ladies were awarded the silver medal in volleyball, but Peru's golden years of football were the 1970's and the 1930's.

Sports Lucha libre

The Spanish sport of bullfighting is popular in Peru and the oldest bullring in the Americas, the Plaza de Acho, is sited in Lima and although it is still one of the most popular sports, Peru has seen debates from anti-bullfighting groups gaining momentum in the last few years.

Making Waves

Watersports and in particular surfing have been gaining in popularity as sports.

Peru sports woman, Sofía Mulanovich won the world surfing championship tour in 2004 and came second in 2005. She is the first person in South America to have won the championship and to be inducted into the Surfers Hall of Fame.

Sports Paleta Fronton

The Peru sailing team also have a notable number of world championship wins and awards.

The national sport of Peru is Paleta Fronton. The game is similar to squash, but with just one wall and dates back to the 1940's.