Chile Sports

Sports Football

Another Latin American country which rates football as its top sport is Chile.

Since the 1962 FIFA world cup was hosted in Chile, football has had an unstoppable following among both rich and poor, young and old.

Rodeo is the second most popular of sports. Chile declared it to be the country's national sport in 1962.

The Chilean Rodeo

Sports Rodeo

Unlike north American rodeos, the Chilean rodeo takes places in a medialuna (a cresent shaped sand enclosure) whereby the collera (team) of two huasos (riders) score points by trying to pin a cow to a padded wall of the arena. Points are gained and lost depending on technique and maneuvers, if the cow escapes, the type of cow or foal, etc.

The huasos wear traditional clothes for the sport and often there will be a stall selling ponchos and spurs at the rodeo. Official rodeos take place over a weekend for two days, although sometimes they will be held on public holidays.

Other sports Chile enjoys are rugby union, tennis, swimming and skiing.

Chileans tend to be fairly active people who make the most of the sports available in their environment, whether that be skiing in the mountains or jogging, walking or hiking through a park or the countryside.