Guatemala Sports

Sports Football

Guatemalans are big sports fans with football being the most popular of all.

The largest football stadium in the country is in Guatemala city and at one time, the Mateo Flores was also the largest stadium in Central America.

After football are many other spectator sports. Guatemala enjoys many of North America's renowned sports such as baseball, basketball, boxing and American football.

Oldest Known Sport

Sports Maya Ball

The Maya ball game is the oldest of known sports in Guatemala. Also played in Mexico, over 500 courts have been found in Guatemala. The oldest known court dates back to 500BC and in the ruined city of Tikal, 7 have been discovered.

Visitors to the country have a variety of sports on offer to try. Some of the most popular sports Guatemala holidaymakers usually choose to enjoy are hiking, fishing (freshwater and ocean), whitewater rafting, scuba diving and surfing.