Argentina Sports

Sports Pato

Excluding football which is practically the most religiously followed of sports, Argentina follows many different sports, due to the mix of cultures in the country.

Pato is the biggest and most popular of national sports. Argentina has records of the sport being played back in the early 1600's and the game has been banned at various points in history for violence.

The national sport of the country is a cross between basketball and polo. It is named Pato as in early versions of the game, the 'ball' was a duck inside a basket which had to be thrown through a hoop.

Pato was defined as the national sport of Argentina in 1953.

Sports Baloncesto

Basketball is another of the important sports Argentina loves. In the 2004 summer olympics held in Athens, Argentina picked up gold medal in the men's basketball event as well as a gold medal in the football competition. In the 2008 olympics, the basketball team got the bronze medal.

Along with the United States, Argentina is the only country to have won five of FIBA's (International Basketball Federation) most important titles in the sport.