Ecuador Festivals and Fiestas

In addition to religious holidays, many of the Ecuador festivals are related to historical events either locally or nationally.

You also find that some non-official holidays provide the Ecuadorians with a great excuse to observe the day anyway and participate in the party.

Mama Negra Festival

Mama Negra Festival

The Mama Negra festival is held in November for the Virgin of las Mercedes. The festival incorporates elements of native traditions alongside Catholic religious ideology.

It is believed the festival started shortly after 1742 when a volcanic eruption threatened to wipe out the town of Latacunga. The day is filled with colour and events, starting with a parade of various traditional characters.

New Year's Eve

Ecuador sees the year out in its own way. Año Viejo is when life size dummies are burnt at midnight in a symbolic way of saying goodbye to the past and welcoming the new. Many wear yellow underwear to attract positive energy and good luck and similarly to Spain eat 12 grapes during the 12 strokes of midnight.