Bolivia Theatre

The theatre in Bolivia dates back to Inca times when the native people would act out stories of their gods and ancestors.

The Inca did not write, so theatre was their way to pass stories down generations.

Apu Ollantay

The most famous theatrical piece of the Incas is Apu Ollantay. It is one of the only native American plays known which was put into Spanish by Antonio Valdez in the 1780's and subsequently updated and changed in later versions.

In Bolivia, theatre has never been a big industry, although in 1625 it is known that there was a puppet theatre in Potosí.

The last century saw some interest with the works of Raúl Salmón in the 1950's and 60's and César Brie who set up the Teatro de los Andes, a travelling theatre group who sing, dance, play Andean instruments and act using Quechua language.

Unfortunately, despite the natural creativity of Bolivians, limited resources have quelled quality drama works.