Costa Rican Cuisine - Typical Costa Rica Food

Grains, fruit and vegetables feature typically in the cuisine of Costa Rica, very lightly spiced.

The national dish of the country is the casado, a plate of rice and beans with meat and salad – the meat and salad being subject to what is available in that season.

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Another main dish found in Costa Rican cuisine is the gallo pinto, called burra in the south of the country, which is a combination or rice and black beans.

The Tico’s often eat fruit salad in which banana usually features. A dessert which is eaten particularly at Easter time, is miel de chiverre (chiverre pumpkin honey) whereby pumpkin is cooked with a sugar cane syrup until it is all caramelized.

Coffee is drunk by most of the population as well as being a main export. A typical drink is the granizado, a slushy drink with syrup – the Costa Rican version of the slush puppie. Guaro is the typical liquor, made from sugar cane and drunk as a shot or mixed to make a long drink.