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Cuba Fact File

Monetary unit
  • Full Name: Republic of Cuba
  • Capital City: Havana
  • Country Area: 110,860 sq km
  • Land Mass Area: 109,820 sq km
  • Population: 11,477,459 (2010 estimate)
  • Life Expectancy: 77.64
  • Ethnicity: 65% white, 25% white, 10% black (2002 census)
  • Religion: 85% Roman Catholic. 15% other, including Protestant, Jewish, Santeria and Jehovah's Witness
  • Official Languages: Spanish
  • Internet Domain: .cu
  • International Dialling Code: +53
  • Monetary Unit: 1 Cuban peso = 100 centavos
  • Government: Communist state
  • Independence from Spain: 10 December 1898
  • Independence from US administration: 20 May 1902

Random Fact

The Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, who retired from government in 2008 after a temporary hand down of leadership to his brother 2 years earlier, holds a number of world records.

He was the longest serving government leader, originally Prime Minister and then elevating his position to President, from 1959 to 2008.

He holds two records for the longest speech given. On 29th September, 1960 his speech at the United Nations lasted 4 hours, 29 minutes and is noted in the Guinness Book of Records. At the third Communist Party Congress in Havana, in 1986, he was recorded as making a speech for 7 hours, 10 minutes.