Cuban Cuisine - Typical Cuba Food

Cuban cuisine is quite similar to Chilean.

Typical dishes in Cuba are a tasty mix of Caribbean, European and African flavours.

Latin America

The most famous dish is called arroz congri, congri or arroz moro depending on the location, (known in English as Moors and Christians) comprising rice and beans. Variations of rice and beans are the main staple of the Cuban diet.

Stew and soup can commonly be found as well as meat cooked with tropical fruit. Ajiaco is the Cuban national dish, a thick soup of pork vegetable roots and stems.

Latin America

Ice cream and sorbets are the most commonly eaten desserts in Cuba, but a traditional favourite is boniatillo made from boniato (a sweet Cuban potato) which can be served up as a hot or cold pudding.

Guarapo or sugar cane juice was drunk by the African slaves in Cuba. It is now commonly used in Mojito cocktails, or served ice cold with a squeeze of lime or lemon. Other cocktails that all visitors should try at least once are the Cuba libre (rum and coke) and the Daquiri.