Chilean Cuisine - Typical Food in Chile

The Chileans eat a broad diet due to the unique geography of the country and have maintained a high intake of corn based dishes for many centuries.

The different cultures in Chilean society feature within the food fare – the Arabs bringing spices, the British tea and the Germans rich cakes which are all now popular in Chilean cuisine.

Latin America

A traditional meal would be ensalada chileña (Chilean salad) comprising onion and tomato with a dressing of oil and coriander accompanying a pastel de choclo, a pie of ground corn and meat, onion, chicken, sliced egg, olives and raisins. Other typical Chilean dishes include prietas (blood sausages) and mariscal (cold soup with raw seafood).

Arroz con leche (rice pudding) is a typical creamy dessert which has a fruity tang as it includes orange peel.

Vino tinto and vino blanco (red and white wine) are both popular drinks. The drink to keep away from is the bigoteado which is a combination of all the liquid leftovers in nearby glasses – usually a given to someone as a practical joke after they’ve had a few too many glasses of vino.