Peruvian Cuisine - Typical Food in Peru

Potatoes originated from Peru, so unsurprisingly they feature regularly in Peruvian cuisine and are a popular part of the Peruvian diet.

Papa a la Huancaina comprises sliced boiled potatoes on a bed of lettuce with a cheesy turmeric sauce, often served with egg and olives. Papa rellena are potato patties stuffed with meat and then deep fried. Cau cau is a spiced tripe and potato stew.

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Fish is also popular and on very special occasions the Peruvians eat cuy – guinea pig. Chifa or chaofa is used to describe the mix of Peruvian and Oriental food which has been gaining increased popularity in Peru over the last one hundred years.

Picarones are a popular dessert made from squash and sweet potato which are then deep fried in a doughnut shape and served with syrup.

Pisco is a brandy made from grapes which is considered the national drink of Peru. A similar drink is also produced in Chile and known too as pisco.