Mexican Cuisine - Typical Mexico Food

When looking for a word to describe the food in Mexico, ‘vibrant’ is the best choice to describe the mixture of colours and flavoursome spices.

Corn and beans are featured heavily within Mexican cuisine and often spiced with chilli, cumin and cocoa.


Corn tortillas (flatbreads) are more commonly eaten than bread and chicken and pork are the most common meats. In the north the meat selection stretches to include goat and ostrich, however if you are looking to try something exotic, head to the villages where spider monkey or rattlesnake could be on the menu.

Many desserts found in Mexico are similar to those of other Latin American countries like rice pudding, 3 milks cake or flan, for example. Another option is the enchilada or empanada de manzana both of which are similar to apple turnovers.

Chocolate originated in Mexico and used to be the drink of the elite. Traditional Mexican hot chocolate is a very frothy drink. Another traditional drink is the pulque or octli made from the maguey plant’s sap. It looks like milk, but don’t be deceived as it contains a hefty dose of tequila.