Ecuadorian Cuisine - Typical Food in Ecuador

It is typical to eat a three course meal as your main meal in Ecuador, starting with soup, followed by meat (either fried, breadcrumbed or boiled) with rice and finished off with a light dessert and or coffee.

Ecuadorian cuisine has a tendency to be more blander than in other Latin American countries, but the spicy ají sauce can add varying degrees of picante to your plate depending on how hot it is.

Latin America

Potatoes have been popular for centuries in the highlands of Ecuador. Llapingachos are a traditional potato cake stuffed with cheese, that are often served with sausages. Ceviche, a meal of raw fish in lemon or lime juice, is popular on the coast, similar to much of Latin America.

A typical dessert of Ecuador is tres leches (three milks), a mix of eggs, sugar and flour with three milks and topped with meringue.

Canelito or canelazo is a local drink made of cinnamon and aguardiente (sugar cane liquor) which is always served hot.