Travel Vaccinations

A few months before travel, check with your doctor which travel vaccinations you need and when.

Latin America has different diseases and risks to home, so be prepared before you travel.

Some travel vaccinations should be taken a few days before travelling, others a few months. Your doctor will know the current recommended travel vaccinations that you need.

Your Tetanus and Polio vaccinations should be up to date before any travel.

Travel vaccinations are required as per the below times before travelling.

  • Diptheria - 3 months
  • Typhoid - 10 days
  • Rabies - 1 month
  • Tuberculosis - 3 months
  • Hepatitus A - 2 weeks
  • Hepatitus B - 2 months
  • Yellow Fever - 10 days
Country Diptheria Typhoid Rabies Tuber-culosis Hepatitus A Hepatitus B Yellow Fever
Argentina LT R LT S R S R C*
Bolivia S R LT S R S S
Chile LT R LT S R LT C**
Costa Rica S R LT S R LT C
Cuba S R S S R S C*
Dominican Republic S R S S R S -
Ecuador R R LT S R LT R C
Guatemala LT R LT S R LT C
Mexico S R LT S R LT -
Peru LT R LT S R LT R C*

S = Sometimes Recommended
R = Recommended
LT = Sometimes recommended, especially for long stays
C = Medical Certificate required on entry

* Certificate required when travelling to or from endemic area or country
** Certificate required for Easter Island