Argentina Flag

Argentina flag

Since 1818, the Argentina flag has been in its current format.

The yellow sun in the centre is based on the Inca god of the sun. The Sun of May, as it is known, was also engraved on the first Argentinian coin.

The meaning of the stripes is unknown. Some believe that the blue represents the Río de la Plata. Others believe that the sky blue colour is the Argentine sky, the colour complimenting the sun. Others believe the colour is symbolic, representing justice, truth and perseverance.

The white stripe of the Argentine flag is believed to be silver - as the Spanish invaders were given gifts of Silver from the natives at the Río de la Plata, hence the naming of the country from the Latin word Argentum. The symbolic meaning of white is peace.

Argentina flag day is celebrated on June 20, the anniversary of Manuel Belgrano, the flag designer's death.